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Development Levy

The development levy is the money paid to the local Authority by a developer for infrastructure costs. Not necessarily the infrastructure costs of their development, mind you. Infrastructure costs include lighting, footpaths, and water.

Here in Sligo, one of our unfinished developments is 16 houses in Calry. These houses are just idling on top of a hill. Why, you might ask? 

According to local County Councillor, Thomas Healy, it’s a footpath issue. The houses cannot be completed until the footpath is built.

To be fair to Tomas, he has lobbied the engineering department of Sligo County Council who are putting out a tender to get the footpath built.

Now, the government are proposing doing away with the development levy to accelerate the building of homes, and the infrastructure costs will be paid by the Department of Housing.

Why am I scratching my head?

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