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Your rights and responsibilities

Your rights as a housing association tenant

Tenants rights to stay in rented accommodation

Citizen Information is a great format to find useful advice.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Community Action Tenants Union

If you feel you are being evicted and its under unreasonable circumstances that does not apply to the law in Ireland, I would recommend clicking the following link for more information :

Homelessness – what to do?

Addressing homelessness for people experiencing mental health, physical health, substance misuse, social, behavioral, and other challenges. Check out this programme here :


You can also avail of any of these agencies in your local area :

  1. Simon Communities in Ireland:
  2. Focus Ireland:
  3. Crosscare:
  4. St Vincent de Paul:
  5. De Paul Trust:
  6. Salvation Army:
  7. Peter McVerry Trust:
  8. Novas:
  9. Sophia:
  10. Cope:
  11. Sonas:
  12. Cuan-Teach Mhuire:
  13. Merchants Quay Ireland provides a range of services to drug users and homeless people, including the Night Café in Dublin.
  14. Threshold and Trust also provide advice and assistance to homeless people.
  15. Mercy Law Resource Centre provide free legal advice and representation to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.