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(Too) Slow but Sure -New Development at Summerhill College, Sligo

Good news this week, with the announcement of fifty-three homes to be built on the former Summerhill soccer pitch. Along with the ongoing developments in Caltragh & Ballisodare, it’s heartening to see the housing stock being increased. Of course, when talking about Ballisodare, we can’t ignore the white elephant on the river that has 70 …

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The Back Story

As we journey on here at Sligo Housing Action Group, pushing for change in Sligo’s’ derelict & vacant housing landscape we encounter the back stories. There are people working in the background trying to make a change. One case is Ronan Gilroy and the Savoy Cinema.  The Savoy is not an example of vacant housing …

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Integration! Integration! Integration!

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth Integration (DCEDIY) headed by Minister Roderic O’Gorman oversee housing refugees and asylum seekers. Whatever options Roderic O’Gorman’s department produces to house our unfortunate migrants/asylum seekers can they include locals in the mix? The name of the department includes the word “Integration”. Like I said, “Integration, Integration, …

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