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Sligo HAG

Corporate Social Responsibility Versus Community Social Responsibility

We set up “Sligo Housing Action Group” in 2021 as a call to action to solve the housing shortage in our lovely, sophisticated and (apparently) rich little country. We contacted various multi- national corporations, (some based here, some not) asking for help. We appealed to them under their “Corporate Social Responsibility” banner. Not one responded.

 Below is the list:, Abbot, Aldi, Amcor, Apple, Asg inc, Aurivo, Berkshire Hathaway,, Foehrenbach, Galtmedical, Gap, George Soros, Google, Icumed, Lidl, Livetiles global, Lotus works, Microsoft, Nolato, Overstock, Pach, Primark, Reed, Starbucks, Stripe Patrick Collison.

When Karina approached Sligo’s small businesses for donations to our table quiz held in the Railway Bar, they all responded generously.

 Below is the list:

All things Natural Andersons, Jennifer O’Dowd photography, Mammy Johnstons, Naturelles,

Osta café & Wine Bar,Pasta Fresca, Shake Dog, Sweet Bouquet, Sligo, The Beauty Room, Riverstown

The Hawkswell Theatre, The Pride shop, The Wine Buff, The Wax Hero Ballymote, Val Robus.

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

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