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This is where we talk about the positive Actions that are being taken to solve the housing problem.

Credit Unions are now offering mortgages.

Leading the way of Corporate Social Responsibility at the moment is IKEA where they have announced their plan to provide Dublin with two hundred and fifty homes within the next two years. Read article: Ikea to invest €100m to build over 250 social homes in Dublin – The Irish Times

The Government have introduced a Vacant property Refurbishment Grant to help people who may not have the means to renovate their property now can. This could help bring new life to vacant properties meaning more available houses. Read article:,apply%20to%20your%20local%20authority.

The Irish Central Bank have eased the mortgage lending rules for first time buyers. They can now borrow up to four times their salary.

A rate incentive scheme that “encourage and assist people setting up new businesses in vacant shops by providing grants or rate remissions for using retail premises that have been vacant for a year or more.”

“The Government will also broaden the Local Authority Home Loan to make finance available to purchase and renovate derelict or non-habitable properties for the first time”. “ – Housing for All Update ( – Housing for All Update (