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3D Printing Houses

A chronic shortage of housing is not just confined to Ireland but is a worldwide problem. This has spawned a lot of innovation. New eyes are on the construction industry to find ways to build quicker, better, and cheaper.

3D printing is one such innovation. The 3D printing machine folds concrete into layers creating walls in a fast & efficient manner. Apparently building time can be cut by 50%.

Harcourt Developments are an Irish company who are currently working on a 3D development in Lancashire. It’s a social housing project of 46 eco homes being developed by non-profit group “Housing for Humanity” and the local council.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Harcourt Technologies Ltd (

According to the Donegal Daily Paul Kelly from Letterkenny and Richard Mullin from Ballybofey are two of the directors of the Irish company.

Donegal pair behind leading 3D housing development for homeless in UK – Donegal Daily

Now lads, if you’re passing through Sligo any time soon, Sligo Housing Action Group will have the welcome mat out & the pints are on us.

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