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The Elephant in the room

Yes, we are all focusing on vacant & derelict properties that are blighting our towns. Grants are available to fix them up, but hard to draw down.  Mortgages not readily available. According to Pat Davitt chief executive of IPAV (Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers), “if something like sewerage, running water, electricity, a bathroom or even a stairs are not there, chances are you won’t get a mortgage on that property.” Mr Davitt added “if a scheme existed to help people buy the properties, a lot more of them would be bought.” All true! So far so good!

But is the elephant still in the room?

Let’s talk about Ballisodare.  At least one apartment block sitting idle with a beautiful view of the river. What about the Glasshouse Hotel? Another apartment block sitting idle with a beautiful view of the river. Getting repetitive! The Old Mill building on Union Street looking out on the New road. Partially occupied, but mainly empty. Then there’s the jewel in our crown, the fourteen houses on the hill in Calry with a view of everything.

I think there’s a lot of elephants in a lot of rooms. How do we get them out?

Open the  doors, lads!

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