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It’s all about supply & demand here at Sligo Housing Action Group.  From when we set up in 2021, we have believed that the housing shortage in Ireland, is just that, a shortage of housing, or ”what it says on the tin”.

We welcome all & any efforts to change that, even if that change comes dripping slow.

Simon Harris, our Minister for Education, and a few other things besides, recently announced a change in policy, regarding provision of student accommodation.

While this market has been served by the private sector up to now, the government is going to jump in to help out. Yippee!   It will now fund building of student accommodation on and near college campuses and refurbishment of vacant properties in those areas.

Fair enough, but how long will this take?

The good news is, the colleges must submit their proposals by March 2024, not 2025, 2026 or so on.

Good start, Simon.

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