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Good News from “Housing for All”

It was heartening to read in the Sligo Champion about a new strategy from the Department of Housing under the “Housing for All” umbrella.

Sligo County Council are requesting expressions of interest from builders, developers & property owners to provide turnkey homes, to be purchased by the Council and allocated to some of the 1,500 households on the social housing waiting list.

The time frame for expressions of interest is 6 months from the end of March.

It sounds good, especially when Councilor Declan Bree has been repeatedly railing about,

  1. the billions in rent being paid by the government to private landlords to provide social housing for years now, and
  2. the inadequacy of the above scheme.

Incessant Inaction has exacerbated our acute housing shortage here in Ireland but maybe, just maybe, there’s a chink “light at the end of the tunnel.”

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