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Studio Living

When I was a single woman living  in Washington DC  I rented an efficiency, or a studio apartment by another name.  Efficient it was and affordable.  It was a long way from it’s Irish cousin, the bedsit. Mind you, they did the job, back in their hey- day.

Still, call it what you will, one room living can be a great use of space. No, it’s not suitable for families, but for other segments of the population it’s an option.  Young people leaving home, empty nesters, seniors, people with disabilities, migrants and homeless come to mind,

While cities like Dublin & Washington DC  have plenty of these studios, I don’t think they’re common in Sligo.

I was looking at the floor plan of an efficiency for rent In DC and it’s a great use of 491 sq feet.

Some of our local empty buildings such as the Glasshouse, the Old Mill and the whole entrance to Ballisodare could be given a new lease of life.

But that would be action, wouldn’t it. Any takers?

Living well in one room.

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