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Our Solutions

Our Solutions.
How We Are Helping?

 The housing crises in Ireland is a result of supply and demand  being out of balance.  The solution is to increase the supply of available housing.  We at Sligo Housing Action Group have constructed a list of practical solutions that, if implemented, will help solve the shortage. We understand that housing has become less accessible as years have gone by, and as a result, people are struggling to find affordable rentals  and eventually climb the property ladder and secure homes of their own. 

 Take a look below at the list of solutions that we are sending to Leo, our Taoiseach . Then head to our Facebook page and follow the instructions for our “Letters to Leo campaign”. 

On a local level, we are planning to purchase and renovate run-down and derelict properties. Once renovated with the help of volunteers, we will raffle them to non homeowners.,

Ten things to fix the Housing Crises Now!

We are calling our government to action! Join us.  Everybody has a voice.  We can fix this mess!

Sligo Housing Action Group