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Need planning permission?  Go tell it to the judge!

I read an interesting article on a week or so ago.

Home Truths: How the Government could double new housing output this year just by fixing its own mistakes |

It was commenting on the lock jam in planning permission for large scale developments in Ireland.

A fast-track rule was brought in by the government in 2016 where developers of over one hundred houses could bypass the local authorities and apply directly for planning permission to an Bord Pleanala. This scheme was called SHD (Strategic Housing Developments).

So far so good, but now there was nowhere for the objectors to object except through the court system, which they did.

 Currently there are 8,139 units clogged up in the court system.

So, in 2021 the government reversed the procedure. Large planning applications are now back to the local authorities with time limits in place.  This scheme is called LRD (Large Scale Residential Developments).

98% of applications under LRD were approved on schedule in 2023 with no judicial reviews.

So, what about those stuck in the court system under the SHD scheme?

Like I said, go tell it to the judge!

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