Sligo Housing Action Group

¬†Welcome To Sligo Housing Action Group! ūüĎč

Sligo HAG

Sligo Housing Action Group

Stand up and fight the housing crises.

Helping to solve the housing shortage in Sligo.

Welcome to Sligo Housing Action Group. We are a Housing  organisation set up in Sligo in November 2021 with the purpose  of fighting the housing shortage. 

On a national level we are calling our government to action through our letters to Leo Campaign.

On a local level we are planning to restore empty properties and raffle them to non-homeowners.

We don’t claim to know it all as we are amateur’s at work here but we need action to bring change.¬†

Everybody has a voice. Together we can fix this mess.

Take a look around our website and find out more. 


Housing In Sligo

Our Solutions

Find out more about how we are working  on solutions to the housing shortage in Sligo. Ireland.

Our Campaign

Find out more about our campaign to solve the housing shortage throughout Ireland. 

Vacant Housing

Find out more about the Vacant Housing in and around Sligo, Ireland.

About Sligo Housing Action Group And Our Team.

From our first public meeting in October 2021 calling on our community to stand up and
fight this housing crisis we have been researching and looking for a path out of this mess. We
are solution based as everyone is familiar with the problem.  If you are looking for an affordable home whether it be rented or purchased. you are not alone. Everybody has a voice. Together we can change this! 

Sligo Housing Action Group